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Contractors, Associates, Industry Partners; whoever you are, IEC of the Texas Panhandle has a membership plan that fits your needs.

Being a member of IEC of the Texas Panhandle allows you to take advantage of many benefits and services within your chosen industry. While many of these benefits are a great investment, we encourage you to make the time to get engaged with IEC for a maximum return. If you can understand the difference of “working on your business” rather than “working in your business” you will understand the value of membership and will experience positive business growth!

Membership benefits for CONTRACTOR members:

  • 4 year apprenticeship program registered with the Dept. of Labor, Texas Workforce Commission, and TDLR (IEC of the Texas Panhandle has the State’s lowest training fee’s for this program

  • Required continuing education classes (FREE for members - 3 per member company)

  • Listing on IEC web-site built for members AND consumers (FREE for members)

  • Recognition on IEC social media pages (FREE for members)

  • Participation in chapter marketing/advertisement campaigns in order to separate you from the competition (FREE for members)

  • Safety round table meetings (FREE for members)

  • BUSINESS SUCCESS! Quarterly meetings for those wanting to grow a successful business (FREE for members)

  • Texas Department of License and Regulation representation and reporting (FREE for members)

  • Texas legislation representation for both the industry and small business (FREE for members)

  • National legislation representation for both the industry and small business (FREE for members)

  • Membership dues include membership benefits to IEC local, state, and national

  • Group purchasing power for MAPSCO'S, National Electric Code and Safety Handbooks (Members receive discounts)

  • Various forms of Insurance available thru Chapter member Companies, i.e. Federated Insurance (Members receive discounts)

  • Relationships with other associate members who will save you money in areas such as electrical supplies, fleet management, web site development, collections, business consulting, fuel management, etc…

  • Input and membership on National Electrical Code Panels

  • Networking opportunities through lunch and dinner meetings

  • Lunch and learn seminars

  • Local events such as golf tournaments, skeet shoots, and family baseball games

  • Opportunities to participate and receive recognition for community “give-back” programs

  • Receive IEC local, state, and national communications, newsletters, etc…

  • State IEC Convention

  • National IEC Convention and Trade Show

  • National Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

  • "March on the Capitol" - "Your Voice in Austin"


Membership benefits for Associate Members:

IEC of the Texas Panhandle is growing! With over 750 licensed electricians in Amarillo alone, our board of directors are working hard to expand our benefits and services for contractor members which will strengthen our numbers. After 20 years of being managed by volunteers in the industry we have recently hired our first executive director and we are very confident of substantial growth in all areas within our association. IEC understands the important role you play in the health of our industry and local chapter so we are currently working on expanded benefits for YOU! In the meantime now is the perfect opportunity to join IEC of the Texas Panhandle. As we grow, your business, contacts, and networking opportunities will grow as well. Please contact our executive director, Tyson Willis today to discuss ways we can further your business outreach, increase your ROI, and get you plugged in and engaged with our chapter and contractor businesses.

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